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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Photo of Perry Alexander
Primary Research Interests
  • Formal Methods, Verification, and Synthesis
  • Trusted Computing
  • System-Level Design Languages and Semantics
  • Specification Langauges

Photo of Joseph Evans

Joseph Evans

Deane E. Acker Distinguished Professor
Primary Research Interests
  • High-Performance Networks
  • Mobile Networking and Wireless Systems
  • Pervasive Computing Systems
  • System Implementations

Photo of Victor Frost

Victor Frost

Dan F. Servey Distinguished Professor and EECS Chair
Primary Research Interests
  • Communication Systems and Networks

Photo of Andy Gill
Primary Research Interests
  • Functional Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Compilers
  • Systems
  • FPGAs

Photo of Prasad Kulkarni
Primary Research Interests
  • Compilers
  • Virtual Machines
  • Runtime Systems
  • Computer Architecture

Photo of Fengjun Li
Primary Research Interests
  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Smart Grids
  • Network Security
  • Applied Cryptography

Photo of Bo Luo
Primary Research Interests
  • Information security and privacy, database security
  • Information retrieval, Web and online social networks
  • Security and privacy issues in smart grid systems
  • XML and conventional database systems, data management

Photo of Hossein Saiedian
Primary Research Interests
  • Software Engineering Including Software Process Improvement
  • Formalism in Software Development
  • Object-Oriented Software Development
  • Software Engineering Education
  • Software Architecture

Photo of James Sterbenz
Primary Research Interests
  • Computer networks and communication; Network science, simulation, and analysis
  • Future Internet architecture, design, and topology
  • Resilient, survivable, and disruption tolerant networks
  • Mobile wireless networks and MANET routing
  • Disruption and delay tolerant end-to-end transport

Photo of Heechul Yun
Primary Research Interests
  • Operating Systems
  • Embedded Real-Time Systems
  • Computer Architecture